Incipient /in-cip-i-ent/
In an initial stage, beginning to happen or developing into a specified type or role.
          November might be a good month to me and I look forward to everything. I finally back to my track that I loved, have a regular time like usual and able to do many things at the same time. These photos was actually taken with my new camera and it’s an excuse if I capture not that good enough whereas the result was impressed me. I use Nikon D5100 with 50mm 1/8g taken by my best friend, neither of us is a photographer but we actually did like pro! Ha 
         Wandering around University’s lake that we can’t even handle the weather in the afternoon so we decided to take a quick shots behind the lake on jogging area. I got new balance yacht club trainer that I loved at the first sight, major red paired in blue was absolutely my favourite. Flower printed on Zara tee such a point to get attention easily and it’s represent how nature my place look like. Luckily, I just realised that my outfit was match each other, blue and red everywhere ha! 

Express yourself - Zii 

Photography by Ratna 

I'm wearing :   Tee (Zara) / Jeans (Zara) / Trainers (New Balance) / Watch (Casio) / Cap (Vans)
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