Midnight Euphoria featured and Sketch

This is one of good news this month that I received through my email. Alyssa founder of Midnight Euphoria online magazine, email me that she wants feature me on people section on her magazine. I was completely surprised that she may discovered me on instagram and found that I have blog and kinda have similar theme which simplicity. I don't have idea how could she pick me over many blogger and instagramers outside there. 

Take a look my interview with Midnight Euphoria.  
Thanks Alyssa Walker
          Another good news that I would like to share with you guys. After I got featured, my friend who read the article messaged me that she wants to draw me sketch. What a surprise! Firstly, I know she's pretty good to draw sketches, and most of her sketches are the well-known people or public figure. Secondly, I don't know which picture that suit her to make sketch, I let her take any photos on my blog so she know how difficulty level she could take. It only takes for a while for her, and she never fails to make me impress of her sketches. 
Check her artwork at her blog and instagram.
Ps: my header and icon was made by her :)
Thanks Vania Amelia
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