It’s the end of the March already, where's the time go? maybe I had some issues throughout March and the night thought kills me slowly. It affect a whole days however only have a little effect on me. It's getting better now hopefully
          Spring has comes late but the weather was incredibly beautiful in the evening. Running errands around the city hall whilst catching up with old friends. It was cloudy yet quite at the same time, thought I came in the right time and right place. When it comes to meeting friends in any location or occasion, dressing down is way easier but still need an effort how to combine and make it looks nice because people will keep their eyes on you from head to toe. Owned this pullover for an ages, haven’t found the right time to take the photo of it even I often use it. The fabric is light and love the dark blue shades, perfectly match with bleached denim jacket and jeans. The tribal pattern over the pocket and knee over my jeans has slightly better than ripped jeans and such a happy feet whilst rocking the classic chuck’s to comfort my steps. 

Happy the end of the March! x

(A drop in the ocean: a very small amount in comparison to the amount that is needed and has a little affect)

Photographer by Ratna Sari F with a Nikon D5100 - Fuji Astia 100F
title by : Leon Kleuker

Express Yourself - Zii

I'm wearing : Pullover (S.Oliver) / Jacket (Topman) / Jeans (Zara) / Sneakers (Converse) / Belt (Pull&Bear)

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