The beginning of new month didn’t go smoothly even though they might have seen me differently. Lately, a lot of things happened ups and downs and I’ve found myself in difficulty many times - I was in emotional state. I feel like I play my alter-ego and all I can do only pretending. They see me in different person, act happy all the time but I wasn’t. I’m worry much and easily upset without particular reason.
          Sometimes I have to stop worrying, wondering or even doubting and have faith that all will work out from unplanned things. And It happened! Firstly, I was planning to take photo on weekend but yesterday was public holiday and I have to deal with the situation and took a chance of it. Secondly, in the past two days I can barely move to do something outside because the weather was horrible and I got a little accident due the weather but when I did this photo shoot, the weather was so lovely and I didn’t feel sore in my legs anymore. Thirdly, we made quick plan for long trip to find the right place but ended up we found the hidden yet abandoned building close to our place we met, its located aside of youth hall which we never planned to visit this place and luckily, the place matches with my outfit.
          If you noticed from previous post, you can jump to the conclusion that I love blue but I didn’t. It just happened accidentally that my recent purchase was blue hues. A stripes tee and faded blue jeans are definitely fit for summery weather and I complete my outfit with woven belt matches with my watch, comfy chuck’s and knot jacket as if pretended as shawl. 

Pretending and dealing with unplanned things, why not? x 

(Undercurrent: An underlying tendency, force, or influence often contrary to what is superficially evident; an intimation)

Photographer by Ratna Sari with a Nikon D5100 - Fuji Astia 100F

Express Yourself - Zii

I'm wearing : Tee and Jacket (Zara) / Jeans (Pull&Bear) / Belt (Thrifted) / Sneakers (Converse) / Watch (Casio)


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