Postcard from Bali

          One a year go to somewhere you have never been before as the quote said. Even though Bali isn't not far from my city. I frequently go to Bali for quick getaway from work and flash packer and never had such a decent time to explore myself. Around October, I discovered that one of my friend from instagram will visit Indonesia and we discussed for meeting up or stay for couple days. I still remember how I manage my hectic schedules and keep myself awake at night for discussion; choosing hostels, making itinerary and surprise for sure.  
          In a nutshell, I was lucky enough to experience the gorgeousness of Bali with Nicolas K√∂enig and Tim Lehner from Germany. As quite organised person, I always have a backup plan. I know myself as bad at memorising street, thats why I contacted Dita and Suta to accompany us. I was worry a lot for this flight, because a day before my flight, there was an flight accident from my city and I arrived at 8am. Luckily, Suta picked me up and I got the first well known balinese food 'Nasi Campur Men Weti' for breakfast by the Sanur beach. As we had to pick them at the airport around 2pm, I got some rest in Suta's house. Another balinese food served as lunch, my favorite dishes from Bali 'Ayam Betutu' and it was so divine. And we pick them up by car at 3. I never expected that I finally meet them in person and I was like... I'm pretty sure as Asian we always shorter than European. It took us 45 minutes to go to our Airbnb hostel, not to mention we didn't know the exact address, endless traffic in narrow streets and I'm getting used to it but I'm totally mess afterward. The evening well spent with them, wandering at Legian beach and seeing sunset. It's funny to know that they had their first fresh coconut. Ended up, they had jet lag then sleep for a long time whilst I got dinner and can't sleep until 1am.
          As soon as you step out of the touristy areas of Kuta, you've rewarded with insanely beautiful beaches, serene paddy fields and the nicest local you will ever meet. Every places in Bali us photo worthy. On the first day, we managed ourselves to explore beaches around Bali. One of those days when they woke up late and everything seems in a rush but it wasn't a big deal. And today is Nicolas' birthday, I gave him a present that all self made aka DIY. I'm happy seeing him like my present and he seemed couldn't believe I made all myself. And the story goes, to begin, it's definitely not an easy beach to get to. We drove a motorbike at least an hour before we found it. We arrived on the first beach called Blue Point - you'll know you're there when you see cars and motorbikes lined up on the side of the road and of course a tourists. Blue Point beach is located in Ungasan. Blue Point is well known for a surfer and fortunately we came on the right time as the surfers surfed.
          As the second beach we visited today is Padang Padang beach, otherwise known as the beach from Eat, Pray, Love movie.  We parked our bikes and went down a few stairs to get to the beach. Along the way, we had to climb down in between a narrow path with rocks towering over either side of you which proved difficult when people were also trying to walk back up. Padang padang means Green in Balinese language, and its called because the water had a tonne of algae being washed up onto the beach and in the water and indeed beautiful. The shallow water leading in was quite rocky, making it difficult to walk in. Oh I got bruised on ha!
          And the last beach we visited is Pandawa beach. This beautiful road to hidden paradise is indeed one of a kind -  cut between rugged limestone cliffs that rise on either side. As you near to the beach, you will be greeted by five statues carved into the cliffs; Yudhistira, Bima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sadewa. They're the Panca Pandawa, from which the beach takes it's name. A towering cliffs on either side of the drive, not much else can be seen along the coastal road until it finally opens out to the beach itself. A pure white sands with the clear blue water heaves with the swell of the ocean in rolling waves, until the sea meets the sky. We chilled for awhile then we back our hostel to get some rest before new year eve. Sadly, the streets became chaos because the polices change the route due the new year celebration. 

          Until the night came, raining pour so we stayed first at the hostel enjoyed the firework from balcony as the rain stops we walked down the beach, saw the fireworks amongst the natives and drizzle came in. 2015!!! Fireworks, polaroid selfies, hugs, beers (I didn't drink) and we welcomed new year with open arms! We spend our nights at Monokrom; beers, music, and football table. We clearly knows how to start this wicked year! I've the best new year ever and it's my great birthday present with those crazy german dudes.

Travel Notes:

Book hostel from Airbnb. They have a lot of cool places around the world with it's own unique and characteristic. If you want to get closer to beach, tourism spot and entertainment then choose around Kuta or Legian. If you want to blend with nature and culture, take a look around Ubud. Rent a bike once you arrived in Bali. The traffic is bad, we came in peak season so it's even worse on first level.

Blue Point beach, Suluban beach, Padang padang beach and Pandawa beach are in one way

Hanging on the beach
Exploring the rock cliffs
Bring instant camera for instant fun! ha

Photographer by Fauzi Putra with a Nikon D5100
Thanks Nicolas from Royal Amical for my portrait and some photos!
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