In life, you often feel that you have to shake the negativity off around you. Either you choose to forget them or distract with something's new. One moment when I had done it, one thing from the past strike me but it was really nice and the new one is slowly fading, left the memories behind. I thought that run as fast as I can from one to another things would make my life easier that I could outrun anything. Turns out, no one can outrun pain. Life is unpredictable, it's tragic, and it's precious and sweet and extraordinary. Just enjoy it.
          Run Barry Run.... You can easily guess that that is the words from Barry Allen of The Flash and I'm totally addicted to it.  This is the reason why I chose running track for this shoot. I may look fine on it but it was really hot, like many times I did a break during shoot. Pairing the simple outfit as I did sprint afterwards. Loved how the monochromatic goes out very well - striped tee I bought on sale when I was in Bali and everyone agrees sweatpants are the comfiest pants. To complete the look, Nike roshe run and my new favorite watch from Filippo Loreti.

(Outrun: run or travel faster or farther than; escape from)
Photographer by Ratna Sari with a Nikon D5100

Express Yourself - Zii

I'm wearing : T-shirt (Topman)  / Sweatpants (Zara) / Watch (Filippo Loreti) / Sneakers (Nike Roshe Run)

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