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           After a very long days of adjudicating myself post or not to post (even though I had posted on portfolio site) I finally made a decision to post on here to update travel category here. As summer is nearly approaching and some of them are agree that we need to get out of the city but still need a crowd somehow, I have curated some favourite cafés of mine in Bali. Despite of Bali offers you a hidden paradise endlessly, I admit that everyone loves food whether it's local, food truck or even in fancy cafés.
First of all, I may or may not travel to eat and find the unique cafés and of course find the best food they offer.
         The Corner House surely knows how to steal my heart completely, from the industrial interiors, unfinished walls, mystic garden outside, all of them are just perfect in my opinion. I came up around 6:30 but it's open on 7:00 WITA (Bali's time), and I had a lot of time explored this cafe alone without visitor. The first floor is the restaurant, my favorite part is near the counter, and outside with marble table and the second floor is mainly for bar but you can bring food upstair on peak hour. Since I plan to cafe hoping today, I ordered light breakfast, croissant with raspberry jam also hot chocolate and friends are came up order the same croissant extra americano and cappuccino.

          Around this area called Kayu Aya Seminyak, you will easily find a lot of cafés, restaurant and even clothing stores but finding the unique one isn't that easy. We walked down street while enjoying the tropical heat, motorbike honking, we finally made up to The Library Cafe. It's look small, but It's a gem. The one that make me want to go inside that there is a vertical garden in front of café and it's cool to put a plants in coffee environment, in addition, the wooden furnitures and black walls for moody images.
         Coffee has a various taste based on it's coffee bean, and in this place they offer local coffee beans. I know some of Indonesia coffees and need to get my caffeine fix again in Bali after tried non local beans and It's surprisingly good here in The Library. Note to myself, I have to get back here again soon.

          Oh I wandered alone this morning, and probably the farthest from the first and second place, but come on I often go to Bali and walk down the street with high humidity level and temperature aren't my things. It was drizzle, and I need to find this place whilst waiting rain stop even I was about to stop at Motel Mexicola along the way, sadly still closed. So, I continued my footsteps and google map in my hand, and gobsmacked! even from the corner of the street you could saw this unique vibrant colour. Not the right time because I came up on brunch time and full of guests and ended up I tried their famous gelatos to beat the heat and an excuses for coffee. Vibrant colour, unique interior and stripes on wooden table that's how I like it.
         The must visit place in Bali when I travel is Livingstone bakery. Livingstone itself is popular even they have a branch or I may say a business chain of cafe Surabaya and Jakarta. That is the reason why I visit to get the original taste of coffee and their bakery.
         They offer many kinds of bakery, the well-known is watermelon bread, cronuts and cakes. Without any doubt, I order Cronuts and Hot Chocolate. The special thing about hot chocolate, I always ask to use Korte chocolate and it's better than original one. What's more special about this place besides the bakery, it's The Büro. At first, The Büro was a pop up store in outdoor area of livingstone that sell premium timepieces and staff, and last month they open their cafe in second floor of Livingstone and I adore the ceramic cup they served. I haven't been there yet as the last visit was still renovation and pop up store. Soon soon!

         And the last cafe hoping, we visited The Revolver boutique cafe. We actually didn't plan to visit, but ended up here while took a break of walking and sweating. This one is the small version of their cafe in Seminyak. I barely noticed there is a cafe in here, the place is tiny and even look like a house, if we didn't slow our steps we didn't get here then. Although the small version as I said, they still served their best coffee as the main café and still good even the barista won the barista competition and look at those latte art, I am done! even the big and pricey cafés couldn't make this latte as decent as this. Lesson learned, don't judge a book by it's cover is applicable here.

Travel notes:
          There are a lot of good and fancy cafés around Bali, even in one area and some that I visited but didn't have a chance to take photos. So, I make a summary below which one you should visit.
1. Around Seminyak - Petitenget
a. In this post
- The Corner House
- The Library
- The Sea Circus
- Livingstone Cafe and Bakery
- Revolver
b. not pictured but on same area
- The Bistrot
- Sisterfield
- Anomali
- Monsieur Spoon
- Gusto Gelato
- Motel Mexicola

2. Others recommendation
- Kebun Bistro
- Monochrome
- Seniman Coffee
- Massimo

Photographer by Fauzi Putra with a Nikon D5100
Thank you for Nicolas König and Tim Lehner for this unforgettable and wicked trip in Bali. Ps I miss you so much! 
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