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       Have you ever been bored to your own city and wish you could escape in a second, wander somewhere's new, not to worry about work but still able to manage work?. I recently travelled to the capital of Indonesia and this was not the first time I went there. Took a chance to escape on long weekend and did very differently activity which I only went to coffee shops at the moment. No touristy picture, still working and attended an invitation, etc. 
          There is pretty much less exciting information I gathered from friends about Jakarta and everyone I asked described it as random city. Why did you go there? Are you even serious? Traffic is bad, don't go! and I shamelessly agree with them at first level because I had lived there for couple months but I believe in myself that they say random in a good way and indeed was a good way I had.

        It's quite funny when I changed my habit in a second whilst traveling, become a morning person and started my activity around 7. I tried my best not to complain about mass transportation in Jakarta and can't be bothered to remember the bus route so I took motorbike taxi instead. Luckily it's cheap because was in promotion, thanks Grabbike that saved my life in Jakarta! This is actually the first cafe I visited after too early to "Filosofi Kopi" cafe (my bad I forgot the date and opening hour). The good thing was, I came early and then met up with creative peeps over Kokken that opened their pop up store at 1/15th coffee and one more; I finally met another creative guy behind "Mau Belajar Apa" I had contacted him a year ago but didn't find time to meet him and now I barely contact him and met at a good event. Pretty much coincidence.
        After grab my first coffee in Jakarta, I was in a rush to go to another place. This time I chose Plaza Indonesia as meeting point and met Parisian girl, Cécile, that been studying for about 1 month. Thanks to Maxime for letting me accompanied here even for a day. I wish you were here too. I took her for a lunch, it was good local food we had and slightly took my memory back a year ago when I had stayed on that area. We wait my friend who came late  because stuck in traffic oh typical Jakarta (late is quite appropriate in Jakarta, no surprise) and then we talked and went to Public Markette to make another food shots! and another met up with creative duo behind the massive popular hashtag on instagram #whywhiteworks; Alba Leader from UK and Lucky Oetama and they were so fun indeed. Had a blast with them, for real. I didn't take any picture with camera at this place because it was pretty hot and I was full barely move my legs.
         So, we had to spend our time as effective as we could. Then we move to Pasific Place and had to apologies to Cécile because she had to wait her friend there and left her behind lol. And Alba suggested us to chill for a while in kinda luxurious place with all white everything. love Papilion Duo!.
Saturday:         As a start up, I attended a breakfast invitation from one of the prestigious hotel, Mulia Hotel, in Jakarta, they invited me couple months back but I could not make it before I didn't based in Jakarta so I rescheduled and got the perfect time and I count breakfast as a perfect time of the day. I took a chance by inviting my o' good friend, Yessie, that been working in Jakarta for almost 2 years and I guess I arranged another perfect meeting again this time. If you ever imagined perfect breakfast in five stars hotel and It happened on me there. There were so many foods across the globe, from Asia to America and It simply made me confuse what kind of breakfast I should get and I choose American breakfast as a kickstart then continuing with English breakfast. After we had breakfast, I got a chance for a hotel tour, a hotel restaurants tour to be exact. From France chic restaurant to authentic Chinese kind of restaurant, very lovable seeing how great interiors at each restaurant. And you might noticed that I had to go to one building/rooftop access to get skyscraper things for my shoot and luckily I could got this with vip access on executive lounge. Only the richest guests can book this room, including executive lounge with massive buildings view of Jakarta. Totally breath taking, I could not believe at first, this is Jakarta! Thank you for Mr Kris and Ms Chantya for invitation and such a wonderful experience I had at Mulia Hotel!         Another day another meeting. After last year we've been chatting and such a wrong timing because I went there but he had internship in Germany now we made it. Such a pleasure met up with Reinaldo K, talented guy that I know from instagram. That is the thing I love the most about this community, all the amazing people I have connected with along the way. I admit I am a big fans of his imagery and if you noticed we have similar tones win win. First stop, Filosofi Kopi after yesterday I came too early. Brought to you from the movie with the same title, based on best seller book. I remember when I finished that book when I was 17, watched the movie couple months ago and now I was on set, and exactly felt the same way! great job. And we moved to another cafes, now to the latest coffee shop in town, Kanawa, not much things on this cafe and not my favourite. Too clean interiors, very neat colour; white, blue and brown table (Yes, I am very picky regarding table and interiors) and after one hot chocolate we moved to the neighbourhood.          It's well known coffee shop in Jakarta and one of the pioneer of the coffee shops there.. Crematology, love the ambience there and made it to perfect timing on soft lights and shadows. I am into this mood really. Our journey ended up at this newest places-not yet finished, called Pelaspas. It is like various shops under one roof, where you can find a healthy breakfast at SCNTRY, a vaporiser shop and lovely tiny japanese-ish coffee shop, "But First Coffee". Unfortunately, my camera battery died so I only took one or two pictures here.

        Rise and shine to the Sunday! Out of the hustle bustle city, I started my journey around 8 and luckily someone picked me up at my apartment and we went out of Jakarta to Serpong in Tangerang area. By the term of someone I mean, Fajron Ramadhani, the nicest guy I've been talking for couple weeks and full of surprises buddy I have ever met. He drove me at Turning Point, the first coffee shop we visited at 9. I had breakfast here, always put croissant on first level and coffee. The thing I love at this cafe is unfinished wall, with vertical garden and many doors on outdoor area (not portrayed). The coffee was good. and we drove to another area which close to each other, no traffic, a perks of morning person. The second one is Scandinavian Cafe, you guys can guess from its name. A very very Scandinavian interiors, rustic walls, the colour of grey and rusty orange which nicely paired together, dried flowers, frames, etc just perfect.
        We were about to go to Voyage but I didn't want it because not my favourite according to google, oh I am so picky. So we continued our trip to Asagao Coffee House, don't judge if all I think at first is Alice Gao. Japanese kinda cute coffee, and once again I fell in love with ambience here, so terrible with zebra o'clock, kinfolk-isa interior and stuff. Erry lovely! So we wrapped our coffee hopping in Serpong, and we back to Jakarta and he surprised me again, drove me to IKEA. I felt so low when it comes to IKEA, I was in backpacker mode I couldn't bought many, ended up I bought clothing rack and glass bottle. Can't handle it! We were in a rush again as I had to meet my old buddies in Jakarta, he ate lunch then we went to Woodpecker! Reunited with good o' friend always so good (and finally I have picture of myself).
           This is how we ended our journey, or to be exact myself. I went shopping, always shopping on the last day. I couldn't ask any better friend like him seriously and thanks for treating me this time with those Chelseas. It is a wrap! See you in another time, Jakarta! Had a blast!.

Travel Notes:
Jakarta is very big, and packed with bad traffic jam. Choose to stay in one area, then spend your time on that area unless you drive, taxi or use grab bike! I stayed at Westmark Apartment and got from Airbnb.

Eats and Drinks:
on this post.
1/15th Coffee;
Publik Markette;
Papillon Duo;
The Cafe of Mulia Hotel;
Filosofi Kopi;
Kana Coffee and Munch;
But First Coffee Shop;
Turning Point;
Scandinavian Coffee;
Asagao Coffee House;
Woodpecker Coffee.
others recommendation.
Tanamera coffee and roaster;
Crematology Puri;
TOF Sicacilla;
Traffique. etc

Mapping Jakarta first, that’s pretty helpful.
Visit tourism spots: Kota Tua, Taman Menteng, Monument Nasional, etc.
Polaroid for instant fun.

Special Thanks:
Askar Moniaga of KokkenJourdan Kamal of Mau Belajar Apa, Cécile Nivlet, Alba Leader and Lucky Oetama #whywhiteworks, Kris Silitonga and Chantya Arentina from Mulia Hotel, Reinaldo K, Belinda Aprilia, Yessie Napitupulu and Fajron Ramadhani.

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