Postcard from Amsterdam

Some tourists think Amsterdam is a city of sin, but in truth it is a city of freedom. And in freedom, most people find sin, John Green said. The first thought when I walked down the city, right into the canal, the city has offered me something moody during falls and partly because it is just such a cool city to visit. On the other hand, A'dam means freedom, you can easily find something illegal which is legal in this city so terribly if your wild ideas take over your mind. Neverthless, I just love this city that much during my visit. Either you come for short trip or weekend getaway like I did, take a moment for city guides by yours truly. 

ps: apologies for the very long overdue post but finally be able to write again on this blog and luckily a travel post. Thing becomes easier to travel since I moved to Germany.
I stayed at Backpacker Hostel in Amsterdam Zuid area, which I really liked and was fairly affordable. The fact, the location is near from Vondelpark which very beautiful even during autumn and how can you not love the cute neighbourhood with Amsterdam typical houses and small alley!. The thing I prefer not to go to fancy hotel because you will get a chance to know other travellers around the world, hang around in the evening or even get some shots until you fall asleep. You gotta love it!
See and Do
A'dam knows what good, there are a lot of Museums you can visit. From the historical museum, modern art even the-thing-you-never-crossed-in-mind museums e.g: Museum of Prostitution, Sex Museum, etc. Buy museum pass and you'll enter all of them with no hesitation. I would recommend Van Gogh (who doesn't know him), Rijk (and the famous 'IAmsterdam' big arse letters), and Anne Frank (that you have seen it on The Fault in Our Stars).

Look Amsterdam from the top! This I always do everytime I travel, first let me find the skyscrapper building that offer a view of the city. Take a free ferry behind Amsterdam central station and you will see the massive building called A'dam Lookout and buy ticket and feel the feeling of awesomeness.

Amsterdam is famous with bikes. Don't get me wrong, got some tips from local when you don't know the street yet just don't rent any. Biking is good and fancy here, but the risk of getting stolen is higher too if you have no idea where to park etc. In addition your deposit money for insurance will lost too! somewhat it is a trap!.

Wandering around canals, like literally many canals in Amsterdam. From nord to south you will find something different, either you prefer the with touristy thing or private area, taking picture around the canal is obligatory in Amsterdam. I suggest around Prinsengracht and Keizersgracht. If you are big fans of Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace (pointed at myself), sitting on the bench is sure to give you goosebumps. Located near the intersection of two beautiful canals, the Herengracht and Leidsegracht. Luckily it is not touristy area so you can spend all day sitting on the same bench like Gus and Hazel did.

If you are a nature lovers, visiting Botanical Garden could be on your list. In my opinion, even Hortus Botanicus not that spectacular like I saw in Singapore but this one could refresh you for awhile after days in hustle bustle city. What's more, in the cactus section you will find the fancy wall in peach colour which everyone is dying taking picture with that background and incredibly cacties. or simply visit Wandernis, the city jungle store that sells plants and everything in between.

Eat and Drink
- The Breakfast Club (Brunch that I loved the most)
- Brunchroom (Waffles all day long)
- East Side (for god's sake Mac and Cheese & Waffle and Chicken!)
- Scandinavian Embassy (Good coffee here, I guaranteed!)
- Lot Sixty One (Good Coffees, lemon poppyseed cake and banana cake you cannot resist)
- Toki (Did I coming for the tortoise spoon instead? coffee was good too gladly).

I'm wearing : Sweater (David Beckham for H&M)  / Jeans (Zara) / Watch (C/O Harper and Brooks) / Chelsea Boots (H&M) / Ring (Topman) / Scars (Zara).
My Portrait by Thyson Bouma 
ps: the professional dutch football player that I contacted during my stay, had no idea he's football player before.

Photos taken on Nikon D600 and iPhone 6s.
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