Postcard from Paris

          This year I was lucky to be back to the City of Light, Paris, and during Spring Time. To be precise, this is my second time in Paris. Not being one to waste the opportunity like I did the first time in Summer (which means a lots of walking, party, and less pictures), taking time out to visit favourite (touristy) places, and discovering some new ones along the way - more on that to come!
          I promised myself to enjoy Paris on spring and dream came true. I have been luring some beautiful imagery Paris during spring and I experienced it myself as same as what I see through instagram. The weather was perfect, cherry blossom and magnolia bloomed everywhere. On this particular trip on second time, I was all immersing myself in gorgeous arrondisements, trying to eat more pastries, sipping good coffees all day and shop like locals. So, this is how I spent 72 hours as a Parisian.

Day 1: The Champ Elysées
          For glory and grandeur, I surely admit this is the most famous avenue in the world. The Champ-Elysées draws a perfectly straight line from The Louvre, through the Jardin de Tuileries and Place de la Concorde, and Arc de Triomphe. In which you can shop from various brands, from the luxurious one until just stop by and eat junks in McDonald (but still fancy McD though here).
          This trip, I stayed just right on the centre of the Champ Elysées, in the behind of luxury shops, precisely named Hôtel San Regis (separate post) which was centrally located. Honestly the accommodation in Paris so unbelievable expensive even just for a short trip for 3 days. So manage to book earlier if you want to get the perfect location with reasonable rate.
          How to get a perfect shot in the Champ Elysées: There is no exact time, even I came at 7 am the street is already busy with cars and peeps and 6 am was too dark. But better to do it in the morning, as no tourist here (except me).
I'm wearing : Coat (Zara)  / Sweater (Pull & Bear) / Shirt (H&M) / Hexagonal Sunnies (Rayban) / Ring (Topman).

Day 2: Tour Eiffel
          You might notice easily the tourist attraction on the 7th Arrondissement, the one and only The Eiffel Tower. To get the perfect, I would suggest to wake up early and catch the train to Trocadero at 7am. But still, okay let say no tourist but so many people do pre wedding shots! Basically we have to wait to get the well-known stairs and square field.
I'm wearing : Leather Jacket (Zara)  / Tshirt (Zara) / Jeans (Zara) / Brogues Shoes (ALDO) / Ring (Topman).

        Walking down the street along the way The Tour Eiffel, Champ de Mars was always my favourite place. A quite street in the morning, seeing people jogging, the greenery tress along the way as well as cherry blossom and magnolia. Spring on its way. And we manage to get to know the famous bridge on Inception accross the Seine River namely Pont de Bir-Hakeim. The bridge is getting popular during its appearance on Inception starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Check out the film and why you guys should visit.
I'm wearing : Shirt (Zara)  / Coat (Joshua's) / Jeans (Zara) / Brogues Shoes (ALDO) / Ring (Topman).

Day 3: Louvre, Palais de Royal and The Rest.
          On  the third day, I had to explore Paris myself. Joshua, whom joined me on the day 1 and 2. He's very supportive and helpful during my stay in Paris. I could say the most difficult problem when traveling alone is nobody helps you to take picture of you. Joshua did it best with my direction. I went to Louvre, once again in the morning at 7am and only 5 people there. The funny thing is, all 5 people there are all Indonesian! Such a nice coincidence, I met, the well-known fashion blogger from LA and her nephew, and thank god I have the picture at Louvre (after the first time got none bc tourist).
         We walked down the street, headed straight to Palais Royal which less than 1 km away. The place was still closed (well its open at 7am but the staff was late to open the gate). We stopped by to the cafe nearby, sipped coffee and goddamned French Patisserie I ate everyday! One funny thing happened, one of the guest is Indonesian again! and she was a photographer based in Paris and waited another blogger from Indonesia. One more; we are 3, come from the same city!
           This thing made my last Journey even unforgettable. Glad that I met her, so I got another best shots at Palais Royal. The rest means snapshot during my walk, running errands from one cafe to another, and photos during my first time in Paris plus "Begin Again - Taylor Swift" location.
You can check their works on: Dela (,  Caroline (  and Ita (
I'm wearing : Leather Jacket (Zara)  / Sweater (Pull&Bear) / Jeans (Zara) / Sneakers (Adidas) / Snapback (New Era).

See and Do
The Champs Elysées.
Arc de Triomphe
Eiffel Tower ( Access from Trocadéro metro station)
Pont de Bir-Hakeim
Louvre Museum
Palais Royal
Jardin de Tuileries (buy flower shaped ice cream!)
Notre Dame Cathedral
The Pont Neuf
Seine River (Sun, River and Rosé because thats how French do!)
Place Vendôme
Parc de Sceaux (Cherry Blossom garden at its finest!)
Shakespeare and Company
Pont des Arts
Au Vieux Paris d'Arcole (Wisteria bloom madness here!)
Merci (For god's sake cute car then you can go!)

All my portraits by: Joshua Jumarie, except Portrait at Louvre shots by Dela's Nephew and at Palais Royal by : Carolina Evanno from The Sweet Escape.
Photos taken on Nikon D600 and iPhone 6s.

PS: Hotels review and Foodie's guide on separate posts.
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