72H Hamburg

         Hamburg, best known as Harbour city and it's second largest in Germany after Berlin. It is the nation's busiest port and a major industrial city. Surely it's my favourite city after Munich and glad to manage my time twice visiting Hamburg.
          On this post I will give a you a review how to enjoy Hamburg in 3 days or 72 hours to be exact, with full guide of "See and Do", "Stay" and "Foodies' Guide" (separate posts). I surely believe I could maximise to see Hamburg in only short times without missed any of it.

Day 1:

          On the first day, I go to City hall (Rathaus) and I could say I do a bit touristy of it. Located in the centre of Hamburg's Old Town (Altstadt), this large, sumptous Neo-renaissance building is the right place for the newcomer to enjoy Hamburg first sight. The area is opened for public and even guided tours are available everywhere right in the square (front) of it. From here, you can go directly to the Mönckebergstrasse which Hamburg's principal shopping and business district. You can find any kind of shops from the luxury until the normal one.
          If you are a blogger, or notice some bloggers from Hamburg. This area, around the canal are the most instagram-able place or let say the best location for blogger to date.  Unfortunately since I travel solo and I dont trust to random people to take picture of me, so none of me standing around the City Hall.

         This is probably I ticked off my bucket list! Been luring to visit the area after ages discovered it from the famous photographer, blogger or even Instagramer.  The Speicherstadt literally the city of warehouse, it is the largest warehouse district where the building stand on timber-pile foundation and it awarded the status of UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are several Museums around this area, e.g: Deutsche Zollmuseum(Custom Museum), Miniatur Wonderland, and the Hamburg Dungeon.
         My journey to this area wouldn't be easy as it seemed because I had to find the exact bridge which very popular to date. This phenomenal bridge is called Poggenmühlenbruücke, have to mention because many bridges too here and make sure you find this one once you visit Hamburg.
         After long day out and about, I will show you where to stay which surely the best location in Hamburg. It is located in between entertainment area, St Pauli and Sternschanze ( local just say Schanze), which you can easily find many kinds of restaurants, bars, cafés, shops and night clubs. Just say what you want to eat, or as easy as you point out your finger!
          I stay for 2 nights in SUPERBUDE, located in ST. Pauli . the thing that made me love for the first sight, is clearly the entrance. Some of you might know that I love the industrial vibes of Interior, don't get me wrong all rustic and industrial stuffs are well arranged from the lobby, customer service until the restaurant. One more thing I love the most, I got the room which roof room (Dachzimmer) and it reminds me of my first apartment I had in germany. The view is so awesome during the summer day and luckily was sunny days during my trip.  Cozy room, nice design and well prepared service are clearly I need. Thanks Superbude teams for making my trip this good!.
Day 2
You're not in Hamburg when you don't go to the Harbour or taking picture with Harbour scene or even with the ship. This day I focused just for the harbour area or Landungsbrücke. Even it is sunny summer days, just cause by the harbour it is windy because Hamburg. Some of them might complaining when Hamburg only has grey days but luckily the sun was shinning so bright when I was there! Boosted my mood up.

Day 3
The last day in Hamburg, I was out from non touristic area. I could say I got a little lost to this area, Hoheluft and Winterhude which surprisingly good. The houses incredibly pretty and not-so Hamburg or even typical german houses. These areas more like a London-ish kind of houses. Pretty charming and very quite. I would mind to spend my time here, reading by the lake or even just have a little picnic with friends (next time). 
Ps: I didnt manage to get pictures well to these area, as the last day and had to catch the train fast. But I let you assume from the quick portrait my friend made of myself.

STAY: Superbude St. Pauli 
See and Do:
- City Hall (Rathaus)
Mönckebergstrasse (Main Train Station and Shopping Centre)
- Hamburg's Old Town (Altstadt)
- Speicherstadt! Poggenmühlenbrücke
- Landungsbrücken (Harbour/ Hamburg Hafen)
- Elbstrand (Beach seriously!)
- St. Pauli
- Sternschanze (Party!)
- Altona
- Elbphilharmonie
- Hafen City
- Planten un Blomen (Nature cactus lovers!)
- Tierpark Hagenberk
Eats: Separate post for Foodie's Travel guide

Photos taken with: Nikon D600, 50mm f1/4, 35mm f1/8; Canon AE1 Analog; iPhone 6s
Self Portrait by Martin Kangalov, uses Nikon D750, 85mm f1/4.

Disclosure: this post is in collaboration with Superbude Hotel. The content, views and opinions expressed and herein are mine alone and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Superbude.

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