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          Berlin, the most largest city and as well the capital of Germany. Peoples say, only Berliner can enjoy Berlin and Berlin somewhat isn't part of Germany because of the multicultural people, every single nation you will find here and speaking of german currently not allowed in restaurants etc thats how you like it being here. From this trip, I would give you a recommendation as a local, a bit berliner with a little tourist spice innit. from where to stay, eats, and touristy spots.
         The reason I stayed in Berlin for only 1 day because of exam, but there are always a reason to visit Berlin, whether you are a blogger which mostly the fashion events in Berlin or like me you still have time to explore Berlin (as a morning person) for one day.  It is probably not my favourite city after all, maybe what they say it is a different city out of cities in Germany or even different world. But at least I gave a try once.

Anderssohn Apartment
         If you ever noticed through my instagram, I am not a big fans of fancy luxury hotel with its hospitality. I always prefer and put myself first on coziness factor, homie and do whatever I want whilst on vacay just like home. I always prefer either Boutique Hostel, Apartments, or even Airbnb home. 
          This trip, I made a choice to stay in a family-business Apartment. First impression, I do really like the atmosphere they bring into interior, tools, and every single thing I feel my own apartment. I can even cook, wash my clothes, and preparing my own food. That's how I like it on the first level. This apartment can be rented for a family max 4 members, they have 2 bed room which double stacked bed, nicely designed apartment with modern furnitures and high quality equipments. In addition, there is 2 apartments actually, and I rented in Friedrichshain area which very quiet, charming neighbour and close to everything you need (Metro, Supermarket, Resturants, even Pizza!).

You can check out the link and book! you're not gonna regret this. feel you home, home here .
From sweet tooth, coffee and big meals you always have wide range option in Berlin. As simple as you point out your finger, either you prefer Pizza and Netflix, you just can easily order through "Foodora". But I sums up where to drink and eat. Enjoy the good coffees in Berlin is literally good coffee must be on your to do list to start the day. From Hipster to Modern Industrial, from Nord to South I made you summary of it.
1. Bonanza Coffee
area: Kreuzberg
There are 2 Bonanza Coffee in Berlin, I have visited both and this one, is the biggest one and so instagram-able coffeshop with greenery deco, monster leaves loves, wooden table etc.
2. House of Small Wonder
Area: Mitte
I bet everyone knows this place from the entryway. How can you not love spiral stage, hanging plants everywhere on the entrance. No wonder, this restaurant always full, and didn't get a change to shoot inside bc totally packed and service was slow due the overload customers. Brunch lovers, tick your list here!!. Here is the entryway:
3.  Voostore
This place apparently a clothing store that sell well known brands, from JW Anderson, Fendi, Marni etc but there is a small coffee shop in the corner and luckily they served good coffess! drink to that. Thanks to Philipp for the companion.
4. Common Ground
If you guys coffee addict and only concern to drink good quality coffee, you must be so familiar with the name Common Ground. It has been so long I didn't drink Common Ground coffee itself after the last one in Indonesia and finally drink it again in Berlin and got amazed with every single detail of interior and exterior. Not just coffeeshop, its mostly restaurant and bar with garden outside.
5. The Barn
This could be one of my go-to coffee. I always get my coffee first here because close to everything and right in the shopping centre. It is quite small but I love the ambience and never-gone-wrong wooden plank table here! My ultimate picture spot.
. 6. The Rest
The rest doesnt mean less favourite but I would like to compact the information at once. 
a. Five Elephants is well known produced for coffee beans, literally I would love to stay here because look at those tiles tables and floor!!!! it reminds me to TOKI in amsterdam. So so recommended place!
The thing I like the most of this place mostly because it is so quiet,  I could take my work here, study, or even me time with books I would suggest to this place. What's more, all wooden deco and dark moody colours.
c. Roamers
If you like enough you will find place to seat here. Always packed. The avocados bread or everything brunch big portion size I could die for in here. Hipster area guaranteed aswell.

You didn't go to the new places if you don't take picture in touristy spots. But Berlin is the biggest city in Germany, and move one to another takes time too. I sums up my list only to the famous and iconic one in Berlin.

1. Brandenburger Tor
The Brandenburger gate is well known as the building which only remaining gate through which people used to enter Berlin. As the history, there were West and East Berlin.
2. Berliner Dom
The Berliner Dom or Cathedral is the largest church in the city, and it serves as a vital centre of Protestant church of Germany. From the Brandenburger Tor, you just go straight to Dom and casually changed clothes for shot.
3. The Rest
Museum Insel, Alexanderplatz (Shopping Centre), Reichstag, Fernsehturm, Memorial to the Murdered Jews.


STAY: Anderssohn Apartment

See and Do:
- Brandenburger Tor
- Berliner Dom
- Museum Island
- Fersehturm
- Alexanderplatz
- Memorial to the Murdered Jews
- Reichstag

- Bonanza Coffee
- House of Small Wonder
- Voo Store
- Common Ground
- The Barn
- Five Elephants
- Roamers
- The Visit Coffee Roastery
- Distrikt Coffee
- Kaffebar
- Neni Rooftop Bar
- District Môt (vietnamese)

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