Foodie's Guide to Hamburg

         You know that I love Hamburg so much and even 1 post isn't enough . You will remember that I travelled to Hamburg a few weeks back, this is the second instalment of Hamburg series which focusing on where to eat (literally good eat) and start you day right with good coffee as well in Hamburg.

1. Nord Coast Coffee Roastery.
Area: Speicherstadt
Nearby Station: Rodingsmarkt.
This Coffeeshop is my ultimate favourite in Hamburg. The most special thing is the view from the windows on the first floor is directly to the river and brick old building of Speicherstadt ( more like gingerbread houses in Amsterdam). What;s more I like this place besides great coffees is the food! avocado toast bread or even pancakes for breakfast! such a perfect pair. Dont get me wrong, better to do reservation during weekend, otherwise you will end up waiting for ages. Go for week days then!

2. Less Political.
Area: Sternschanze
Nearby Station: Feldstrasse.
How can you not love the big windows, brickstones with massive gravities exterior that gives retro look, wooden tables are even better. If you, chasing shadows type of person this coffeeshop gives you chill or kinda hipster blogger shot-ish you can do outside. I got recommendation this place by my mate Whysheckler and it turned out my favourite place to hang out. Finding this little gem is quite a challenge, because you have to walk 8 mins from the train station, little sign, or even just looks like a apartment not even typical coffeeshop look. Good caffeine to kickstart the day!

Area: Sternschanze.
Nearby Station: Sternschanze.
Well known as one of the best coffee roastery in Hamburg and have many branches spread all over Hamburg. It is surely worth to visit the biggest one and you can buy the fresh beans as well there. Many kinds of Pastries and sweet tooth like me would definitely cool places to have a meeting or even just relax. 
Ps: as I moved a lot during the shoot, the barista even gave me free coffees with proper decent latte art just cause for the picture you know.

4. Balz und Balz.
Area: Hohenluft West
Nearby Station: Hoheluftbr├╝cke.
Let's commute a bit far from the hustle bustle city center of Hamburg. This place surely stole my heart for the first time. The British-ish houses, quite yet charming streets, and this coffeeshop, is one of the attention in this area. Sunday brunch? You can get it now, literally full and big for my tiny tummy portion. Get it in the morning or have to wait again guys. Windows shot whilst had a coffee, checked!.
5. The Rest.
A summary from the recent coffeeshop, restaurant and else I visited during my stay in Hamburg which more like grab and go due the packed schedule and had to move one to another.

Mad About Juice.
Healthy foods lover or even vegan (me tried once) you can definitely put this on your list. Smoothies bowl goddess or energy green drink smoothies-ish I can even mention the name properly. Get them here!

Otto's Burger.
This restaurant literally fits me better and know my taste so well. Double patties burgers plus sweet potatoes fries definitely perfect meal whenever I need it. There are 3 branches if I'm not mistaken but this one is from Ottensen or in St. Pauli area. Industrial vibes love! (burgers not pictured bc of too hungry).

Walk down the street of St. Pauli area is one of my fave (after Sternschanze). Hipster people in hipster place surely I feel along the way. If you ever had a luck, you will find this coffeeshop. It is easy to find from the station, just find around the corner and mostly packed with people. No wonder, good coffees too!

Where to stay: 25 Hours Hotel.
          During my stay in Hamburg, I stayed in 25 Hours Hotel. There are 2 branches of hotel in Hamburg which close to each others and on the same Hafencity area (I didn't realise it first). I got a chance to stay in 25H Hafencity and got a room in the highest floor which got a view with a rooftop (as usual, and we called it Dachzimmer in german). The hospitality is the best, right I open the door I got welcoming letter and so many stickers and postcards! How can you not love the welcoming gift and you can easily stick them on luggage as souvenirs! And for the breakfast the next day, I had to move to another 25 Hours, 25 Hours in Hafenamt. If you ever have an idea, the restaurant called "NENI" which you might slightly remember the famous one in Berlin with rooftop bar restaurant access. Thats right, it belongs to 25 Hours. Breakfast goal served!.

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