The Paris Cafés Guide

         When it comes to Paris you named it Boulangerie, Croissant or anything sort of morning routine. Finding good breakfast in Paris was piece of cake, fresh baked croissant from the random-picking-cafe and to-go cafe you are now ready. There are many coffeeshops in every corner in Paris, each full with parisian sitting on the terrace but finding the good coffeeshop for coffee aficionado was a treasure in the city of light. Here my recommendation during my second trip to Paris:

51 Galerie de Montpensier, 75001
1st arrondisement
         Preach to Kitsunè that can do many things, from fashion to coffeeshop all has its own unique. Located in Jardin du Palais Royal, they opened their first café in Paris then the second one is in 11 arrondisement. I was glad to visit this first branch and even small, they never failed to serve the good quality of coffee. In addition, prepare to handle yourself because they sell many things kitsune e.g totebag, the famous-parisien cap and tees. Did I mention fox cookies? please.

Boot Café
19 Rue de Pont aux Choux, 75003
3rd arrondisement.
         Known best from its door entrance with a vintage-looking "Cordonnerie" in a stunning pale blue colour which I've been luring for ages from instagram. A small (read: tiny) yet packed cafés got me in an awe, luckily it was weekday and I don't need to queue that long to get the table. well, only two tables inside as I remembered. The coffee has a specialty in red brown crema with sweetness and bitterness level in a satisfying way. But the barista got the skills to make latte art in 8 layers. Complain about how tiny this place, sit back relax and move to the second branch in Saint Germain des Prés.


5 Rue Villedo, 75001
3rd arrondisement
         If I could say, this probably the most relaxed café I found in Paris. I love the ambience, how freshly brewed coffee smells, the people's laugh, parisian apartment charmness in front of the store. Just relax vibe to roll the day. Love how they park the yellow bicycle in front of it as a sign or maybe your instagram capture it first. I comeback for banana cake later on as they named it the best.
54 Rue de Santoige
3rd arrondisement
First thing first, hashtag I got things with tiles. How can you not love this beautiful yet confusing kind of tiles, but amongs the pattern I have seen this first here and it's blue. An simply beautiful interior match with light brown woodenpieces. Love how it nice combine soft colour with pop of blue. Serving it many varieties of coffee, you surely can go anytime and spend half day there.
La Palette
43 Rue de Seine
7th arrondisement
Forget about the famous one Cafe de Flore for awhile, either it's overrated or you basically just can feel the parisian in almost every corner of Paris. And go to La Pallete instead. It was raining that day and even bring the good feel around this place. Well known from the scene of "Begin Again" music video by Taylor Swift, sitting down on the corner, sip a freshly brewed long black and writing a postcard surely thing I did as same as Taylor in this video. The ambience itself just pretty laid back, that's how parisian enjoy their life.

5 Rue Lucien Sampaix, 75010
3rd arrondisement
        This area surely offer you many kinds of food, either you want a parisian dishes or light breakfast don't get me wrong just go to 3rd arrondisement. I was about to pick up late lunch or namely I was hungry after running around but didn't make it on time as too late because nearly closed. So I just grab coffee to go and mesmerised by its tiles (again) and wouldn't mind to sip couple minutes and picture here. Oh! that bike parked in front of the shop reminds me of Telescope but pretty much I love this entrance better.

Coffee among plants
         Well, this is not the name of cafe I will write but both have the same characteristic. First, "Peonies" sure you know it as a flower, but this seriously pretty flower shop run a small business as well for coffeeshop and it's vegan. How cool is that? even the cookies and several dessert have a edible flowers.
81 Rue de Faubourg Saint-Denis,75010
10th arrondisement

         And the second one, most likely always packed restaurant or you still can have a coffee, but might take a long queue so better fill in the tummy too. Luckily, I went during spring and been discovering this place to instagram and no regret put it on my list but only during spring so I can witness its beauty of Histeria bloom all over the entrance. Mission accomplished.

Au vieux paris d'arcole.
24 Rue Chanoinesse, 75004
4th arrondisement
Boot Café
La Palette
Au Vieux paris d'Arcole

Other recommendations:
Ten Belles
Broken Arm
Cafe de Floré

Outfit recap:
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Green Shirt - Zara
Black Ripped Jeans - Zara
Cognac Brogues Shoes - Aldo
Leather Sneakers - Adidas Stan Smith
Brown Classic Watch - Daniel Wellington
Black Mess Watch - Harper and Brooks

All pictures taken by Nikon D600 and iPhone 6s by yours trully.

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